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Author and Poet, G. Jefferies is a native Texan.

As I Lay Dying Called "Cowards" By Cult Of Luna Frontman

Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, William S. Burroughs, and George Orwell. Marlon Applewood is a corrupt politician. Tim Combes is a man trying to make it in the world.

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The two men have something in common: they are both the same man. The story makes you question reality.

The main character accepts his reality even though nothing makes sense. The challenging part is taking the time to actually write the book. I have the ideas just not the glue to keep me in my seat. I hope readers are entertained by the stories and that it brings out some sort of conversation whether it is positive or negative. I just finished the Marlon Applewood story and the plan is to write a novel. I write from experience mostly but have researched several books. I love the works of Hunter S.

As I Lay Dying: Top Ten Quotes | Novelguide

Thompson and Chuck Palahniuk. Set in the 's on the Oregon coast, this engaging historical romance tells the story of a mysterious drifter who settles in a quaint coastal town. Seth Gates carried closely guarded secrets. If and when those secrets were forced into Through good times and bad, the poetry of G. Jefferies describes personal experiences, dreams, hopes, and fears that strike a chord in all The Winds of Change. In this captivating sequel to Caty Maclean, readers join Caty and her family as The In this captivating sequel to Caty Maclean, readers join Caty and her family as The Winds of Change sweep across the hilly backcountry settlement of Waxhaw.

As a wife and mother, Caty finds life on a wilderness farm difficult.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

In the spring of , Gideon considers entering politics. As the newly elected mayor of Braxton Springs, Gideon journeys with young Timothy The Winds Of Change. A gripping historical novel, The Winds of Change encompasses the last fourteen months of the Grant, who explains to Lincoln his strategy of attacking the South Winds of Change. Winds of Change was written to assist the reader to express their true feelings about Winds of Change was written to assist the reader to express their true feelings about the events of their life by sharing my inner most thoughts on loss, life and love.

Through self-expression the reader is given a greater command Winds of Change - Book Two.

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They have an orderly plan to resign and finally take their long delayed traveling vacation. For every step I take I get more lost in this fog that keeps building, I have lost my way and circle in my steps as I don't know where to go, Wait for the light that never seems to come so it can burn the heaviness that makes the oxygen hard to breath, We were put on this place by free will, Look what we have done No one deserves to have the will giving to us, We abuse it like we abuse ourselves, If there was A god why would he let this keep happening, I have found no faith in you as you have no faith in humanity.

As I lay dying I call to the sky in need of vision I am blind to see what has buried me is it man or is it me? For I am both Man and shadow. Very powerful piece, really hit the nail on the head with feelings of desperation and sorrow. The end ties it all together with one succinct question : good job! Report Reply.

This went straight to the heart and soul no doubt about it I love this poem Report Reply. I love this. The message it sends as well as the expression of personal struggle and wonderings make it come together nicely!

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A very powerful piece It's so wonderful to find another soul who can express themselves with such emotion Feeling and worrying are two different things, entirely, but you do a marvelous job of expressing your felons and connecting to the reader You must have gone through some a very difficult time: I'm very sorry for that, but UT had clearly sculpted you into a fine poet This is an amazing piece.

I think we all felt this at one time. Great writing : Report Reply.

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