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In addition to enjoying his successful practice, he has both studied and taught his craft throughout the world, including Aruba, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Spain. He teaches at colleges and has appeared on cable and radio programs. He is published in astrological magazines and is working on his first book which will combine Astrology and the Meditative Powers of the Mind. For a consultation or additional information about his programs which are available online, contact Philip Comi at Pjcstars aol.

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Astrology Detective. To follow him is to look after those who cannot look after themselves. This majestic being is often seen emblazoned on shields and armor, both functional and decorative, in the form of a brilliant silver dragon head in profile. Temples and art pieces present a massive, glittering dragon of vibrant platinum sheen and seemingly endless wingspan. This is a day of remembrance, solemnity, and respect to those who have fallen in the defense of others. Where thunder cracks and conflict rises, prayers to the Stormlord are shouted into the maelstrom.

He is worshiped by athletes and warriors across Exandria, and his will exalts those whose force of spirit and penchant for victory call his attention.

He brings tumultuous storms over land and sea, and those who wish for clearer skies offer their praises and prayers in hopes of appeasing his will. Within his temples and carvings, the Stormlord is shown as a paragon warrior, often nude and physically the epitome of muscle and strength. Often with beard and short, curled hair, most depictions have the Stormlord in mid-wrestle with a terrible beast, and always in a stance of dominance. The realm of the Wildmother extends to wherever the seas shift and the land grows over.

Keeper of the wilderness, she represents the wild creatures of nature, the rush of the angry rapids, and the heat-harried stillness of the desert. Elves take up her worship, as do hunters of natural lands, accepting her guidance to exist harmoniously within savage lands. Those seeking safe passage across dangerous waters give prayers to her to guide them. The druids of the Wildmother and clerics of her lover, the Lawbearer, work together to preserve the balance of nature and civilization. Seen immortalized through wooden reliefs and carved idols in hidden, overgrown groves and rural shrines, the Wildmother often is depicted as a beautiful woman of green skin nearly swallowed by a wild, tangled wreath of hair, leaves, and vines that dwarf her lithe form.

Southern by the Grace of God

It is darkness unending, less like a god and more like another world. Life and death do not exist within the Chained Oblivion, an engine of utter destruction and madness. Even the other Betrayer Gods treat this mad god with caution. In its endless imprisonment, it dreams the infinite depths of the Abyss into reality, along with all its demonic legions. The Prime Deities had thought it locked away during the Founding until it nearly returned to ruin the world during the conflicts of the Calamity.

Now, its chaotic mind has fallen into more frightful dreams, imagining nightmarish aberrations into existence deep beneath Exandria. The few remaining followers of the Knowing Mistress are dedicated to ensuring the Oblivion is never again unchained. Some say the Knowing Mistress can only be fully restored if the Chained Oblivion is destroyed for good.

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Few attempts at depicting the image of the Chained Oblivion exist, and the existing texts speak of a creature of rolling, hungry ink and darkness; of a spreading cloud of lightless destruction born from a thousand ravenous mouths. Current references constrain the nightmare with chains of black and gold, barely keeping the dark at bay. Wanderer in shadow and creator of snakes and serpent-kin, the Cloaked Serpent is the evil god of poisons, assassins, and darkness. Much of ancient serpent-kin worships him over all other deities, dragging screaming offerings to their temples in his honor.

But perhaps the Cloaked Serpent is merely biding his time, waiting for the proper moment to unleash his hidden armies upon the world once more.

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The Cloaked Serpent loathes the Lawbearer and the Wildmother, for he despises life, order, and love above all things. His surviving worshipers relish in using poison and fire to undermine civilization and consume nature, hoping to throw the goddesses into fury and consequently cast Exandria into chaos. Many forgotten temples were once built to the Cloaked Serpent, and within these chambers you would find his image engraved within much of the architecture. A human body with a half-dozen arms that houses a gargantuan serpent head, fanged and frilled in aggression.

History and Geography

Strands of thick, dark hair that sprout from the scaled body swirl around to form layers of shadow, obscuring the entire form of the entity. The dark god of the endless tunnels and caverns beneath Exandria, the Crawling King acts as patron to torturers, slavers, and jailers across the realm. His tears of pain and anger carved the pathways under the world, and his realm of imprisonment is a network of deadly caves and manacles where few return.