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  2. Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut
  3. Jailbird by Vonnegut, First Edition
  4. The Perks of Being a Jailbird
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Acting as highly skilled mercenaries, they go where regular troops can't stand the heat. Some just gather for the time of a single mission, others stay together forever and become legends.

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Such are the Howling Jackals Grab it now! Box includes 5 x 25mm round bases. Such are the Wild Dogs Faceoff WD - JB. Breaking the bonds of oppression and slavery, she won't stop until all her sisters are no longer in chains. Blecause true life is about one thing only: to ride free forever. No base is provided with this model.

But when it comes to bikes, the Jailbirds trust no one but themselves! Over time, they've developed their own highly customised models, with each one carefully set up for its owner.

Jailbird by Kurt Vonnegut

With the biker girls blazing down an enemy's flanks leaving havoc and chaos in their wake, they distract their foes just long enough for the heavily armed trikes to roll up and mow down anyone left standing! Scale is mm: they will fit all popular miniature wargames. Trikes will be more comfortable on a 70mm base. Because jails and prisons are deliberately closed off from the outside world, convincing the heads of a facility to allow a crew to film there is often a futile task.

Even a veteran producer like Drachkovitch admits that access is one of the biggest challenges in producing these kinds of shows. Drachkovitch was able to move forward with Jailbirds because the Sacramento County Jail, where he had previously filmed episodes of his show Lockup , was open to his crew returning. But having a pre-existing relationship with a jail's staff doesn't guarantee the rest of the production process will go smoothly.

Everybody who appears on camera must consent to being filmed, and not everyone is interested in being documented in this environment. As a result, choosing who becomes a part of the cast is often a combination of logistics and judgment calls. But the fact that Jailbirds is focused on the jail experience, which is by nature more fluid than the prison experience, means that there were even more hurdles to finding interesting characters who the show could reliably follow throughout their stay.

While eagle-eyed producers could do some planning to identify potential emotional events worth filming during an inmate's incarceration, like upcoming court hearings or expected visits from family members, their cast members are still ultimately at the mercy of the system, which could transfer them elsewhere at any time. Just as quickly, though, somebody new might be processed in, and the show could gain a new character. It's an inconvenient byproduct of capturing the transient nature of jail life, but Drachkovitch thinks it adds to Jailbirds ' authenticity, too.

Jailbird by Vonnegut, First Edition

It takes experience and patience to get inmates, many of whom are seasoned criminals and skilled manipulators, to open up authentically on camera to a bunch of strangers. It doesn't happen overnight; instead, it requires developing trust and a relationship between the crew and the subjects, be they inmates or staff members. Drachkovitch finds that the best way to facilitate this relationship is by having a crew embed in the jail or prison.