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The reader learns some interesting information about every country. Website Enter your URL then click here to include a link to one of your blog posts. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Delivered by FeedBurner. Jan-March Link Up. April-June Link Up. July-September Link Up. Awesome Premade Covers! Currently Reading Nothing at the moment! Grab my Button! Timothy Davis. Click ad to grab it on amazon! My husband likes goofy mystery humor. Originally Posted by callalily I enjoy humor when done well. Might want to try Don't Go There! I found this book to be hilarious!

It's a bit of slap stick mixed with simply very funny stuff. Originally Posted by Umgowa. It seems so much of people's reading these days has to be edgy, disturbing, serious, even sad. December 17, Matters of the Heart. Last March, as you might remember, I had a hospital scare that ended in me getting my own health regimen back on track. That day sucked, to be sure, and it was followed by plenty more that were also pretty awful.

But it ended up for the best, I suppose. I ended up traveling with Schuyler to extraordinary places and had equally extraordinary experiences.

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So I hear. He referred me to a cardiologist, just to be thorough, and a few weeks later, me and my mumbling heart took a stress test. When no red lights or alarms went off and no one called me back for a few days, I assumed I got an A. About a week later, my cardiologist called me out of the blue, late one evening. According to my test results, at some point in the past few months, I apparently suffered a heart attack. A heart attack.

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I never felt any crushing chest pain or shooting agony in my arm or cold sweats or barfing or any of that. Maybe I thought I had gas. It failed, of course. This is my new reality.

One Page At A Time: Twenty-five Years Ago Today by Stacy Juba

Just a couple? On one hand, I feel absolutely fine. Or I did. Naturally, now that I know, every single little pain or twitch sets off alarms. Tightness in my chest? Random aches and pains? Today I felt vaguely unwell, so I once again looked up the symptoms of a silent heart attack. Apparently mine was of this polite variety. For parents of people with disabilities, that mortality feels like it comes with a heavy price. It caries fear, not just of death but of the chaos it leaves behind.

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That brooding fear is inevitably accompanied by guilt for abandoning someone who needs me and will likely always need me, even after she no longer has me. And that weighs on me. She sees through my dumb jokes and cavalier attitude. She might actually be wrong about that, which is a thought that eases my worry a little.

We have adventures left to embark upon. We need more time, we have beautiful, risky ventures awaiting us. A few days after getting that fun phone call, Schuyler and I grabbed my tiny euphonium and drove a couple of hours away to join a bunch of other low brass musicians in playing Tuba Christmas in Wichita Falls. I still want to get a tuba before I die. And I have a remarkable young lady to do those things with, and more.

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I have someone I need to walk down the aisle one day. I have unborn grandchildren to meet.

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I have glorious risks to take and a rowdy, rough life to live. My father died from a crap heart at fifty-one, the same age I am now.

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Just a dork with a really dumb hat and a tiny euphonium. I could do much worse. Labels: health , nowhere near holland , robly matters , schuyler , well that sucked.

October 17, Lily Pads. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. A few years ago, I wrote a blog piece about something I saw online, a photo of a group of speech language professionals seated around a table, communicating with each other using AAC devices. To my reactionary eye, the photo was troubling. It looked bad to me in part because I was seeing it linked on the Facebook page of an AAC company, which felt unseemly to me. Worse to my eyes was the fact that they seemed to be having a lot of fun.